Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion Police

I don't know what Joan Rivers would have said about Dotty's fashion choices today, but frankly neither Dotty nor I would have cared what she thought. After yesterday's "potty problems", the fact that Dotty wanted to be a "big girl" and dress all by herself thrilled me to no end.

Now when she shut the door to her room and told me not to come in...I was a little more concerned. The last time that happened we had to cut 9 inches off her hair. But I waited patiently outside...fingers crossed.

When Dotty emerged wearing a black and cheetah print shirt, with a tie dyed pink and white skirt, complete with a blue headband...I simply smiled and (to echo her daddy) said "gorgeous". (Of course I also pointed out to her teachers this morning that Dotty dressed herself so they wouldn't think I had gone crazy.)

I have always let Dotty dress herself to a certain appropriate is my only condition. I think so often I have to force Dotty to conform to the "world" as I know it that letting her choose her own clothes at this age is the least I can do.

Brittany thought the look was a perfect statement for Dotty's "wild side". I thought it was cute at 14 we shall see what I think. If we are late for thoughts will probably be the same... let's go!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Potty Problems

Dotty had potty problems at school yesterday...she wet her pants at the playground. At first I just shrugged it off as playing too hard and not paying attention. Then she didn't make it to the potty in time at our house later that night. She was in a ballerina outfit so I wondered if she just had trouble getting the leotard off.

But when she had another accident this morning...I was completely at a loss for what was up with my child. We had a long talk and during the talk she said she wanted to be a baby again.


I think Dotty is having a little trouble with being jealous of her baby sister Dylann. Now I am sure this is all normal. I have no doubts Dotty would have been jealous of a second child even if Tony and I had stayed married. I don't think us being divorced has much to do with it at all. I also know that Tony, Brittany, and everyone try to make Dotty feel special.

Tony thought Dotty was just trying to get attention...and maybe she is. I went with the approach of talking to Dotty...explaining to her what makes being a "big girl" so much better than being a "baby"...and I told her that I quite frankly didn't want to continue to clean up accidents.

We made a "pinky promise" for her to try at school today to not have an accident. I made a mental promise to make sure I ask Dotty a million times if she needs to go potty.

Wish us luck!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Play Date Can't Wait

Today Dotty is going to have a play date with a little girl from her class...Ava. Dotty has been so excited about this event that we have had a countdown all week. Last night she was so excited she could barely sleep. She kept asking me "When I wake up that is the day I get to have a play date with Ava?" My response "Yes"...said with so much enthusiasm after the 15th time she asked.

Usually Dotty is not a morning person...she gets that from her daddy. She typically draws out the whole getting dressed and getting in the car process for an unbelievable amount of time. Today was a different story though.

She up dressed and ready to go by 7:15am...she doesn't have to be at school until 9am. She was trying to open the backdoor and get in the car before I had even had a chance to turn off the alarm system! I thought...great...wake the entire neighborhood and let them know that a play date with Ava is a five alarm event!

I am about to leave to go get the girls from school and take them to Chuck E Cheese. I just hope the play date is a success...otherwise I might not ever be able to use Ava as a means to get Dotty dressed ever again!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Butterfly Bye Byes

Yesterday Memaw and Dotty caught two butterflies at Memaw's house. Dotty was determined to keep them as pets. When we got home though, I told Dotty that butterflies were meant to be free to fly around and spread their wings. They were not meant to be kept in a jar and stared matter how pretty they were.

Reluctantly, Dotty let the butterflies go...and she cried for a few minutes. It was sad for her to let her new friends fly free. I told her we could catch some more the next day, look at them for a little while, and then let them go too...but Dotty was not thrilled to hear about this "catch and release" program I had in mind.

However, like a lot of 4 year olds, Dotty was soon on to another project. I had bought a lot of pumpkins and Dotty forgot all about the butterflies as she found the perfect spot for each pumpkin.

Watching Dotty struggle to let go of the pretty butterflies reminded me of my struggles to let Dotty spread her wings in this world. As a parent, a part of me wants to keep my beautiful baby in a glass jar where nothing bad can ever hurt her, but I realize that Dotty was not meant to be confined...she was meant to fly. In fact, that girl was meant soar.

They say if you love something you have to let it go. As parents that is so hard to do. I love Dotty so much that a part of me wants her to never grow up and "fly away" but then again when I see her spread her wings and soar...I am so proud of my beautiful butterfly girl.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Dotty and I went looking for the "Great Pumpkin" yesterday. Actually Dotty was looking for a "fairy godmother" or a "prince" but I just wanted some pumpkins. We did find lots of great pumpkins (and some really big ones) but we also found a swarm of mosquitoes! Dotty got eaten alive by those things. I practically bathed her in Caladryl. It was the pink kind so Dotty didn't mind too much.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 Year Dr. Visit

Today Dotty had her 4 year old doctor visit. She had to get three shots. She only cried for just a bit...and she told the nurse that she thought she might be her friend but after she gave her shots she didn't want to be the nurse's friend anymore. Thankfully the nurse found that funny.

After two stickers and one sucker the tears were all dry before we could get to the car. I do have a sucker now stuck to my cupholder but that is a small price to pay for no more tears.

Dotty was 41 inches tall...37.5 pounds and fell into the 75th percentile for each. She was as healthy as a 4 year old can be. My favorite question the nurse asked me was "Can you understand all the words she says?"

My answer, "for the past 3 years now...just kidding...but I understand her...loud and clear"

Monday, September 12, 2011

4 is Fun!

When my child turned four she got a lot of gifts.

One such gift is the gift of a bipolar personality!

Talk about mood swings!

She can go from "I love you" to "I don't like you" in less than 2.2 seconds.

Luckily I remember the phrase, "this too shall pass" and I enjoy the "I love you" moods and try to survive the "other" moods.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dotty's Spanish Trace Birthday Party

Dotty wanted a party at "Memaw's House" and she had invited several of Memaw's neighbor to this party over the last few weeks. So Thursday between school and Dotty's Jump for Joy party, Memaw threw Dotty a "Spanish Trace Party".

And it was a PARTY...let me tell you. My mother never does anything small.

Memaw's house was decked out wall to ceiling in pink, we had lots of guests, party favors, cake, and all sorts of presents.

Dotty had a blast and I think the guests did too!

Thanks to everyone...and especially Memaw!

(Pictured: Standing - (L-R) Patsy, Bessie, & Memaw; Sitting - (L-R) Pauline, Jean, Dotty, & Gary)

Dotty's First Soccer Game

Today was Dotty's first soccer game. She did great...greeting all her fans. Dotty spent part of the game waving to all the people that showed up to cheer her on...which was a lot!

She did pretty good though. Every time we yelled at her to watch the ball or get the ball and score she would yell back "I am doing my best!" or "I will try my hardest!" Then she would get this very serious look on her face and clinch her fists.

However, after the game she cried because she didn't score a goal!!!

That is okay though...Presley cried at her game earlier in the day. My family went 2 for 2 on tears today.

Side Note: I told all those who were coming to watch Dotty to look for the "pink" team...all the little girls team in this division seem to be pink!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Dotty!

Today at 5:55pm Dotty will "officially" be 4 years old! Trust me...I remember the exact minute! Best moment of my life!!!

This past year has been amazing...difficult at times...but amazing nonetheless. Dotty is (in my eyes) the best little girl to ever walk this world (okay so I might be biased but she is definitely in the running).

I love how Dotty has grown up into a little "person". She has her own ideas, her own opinions (usually the exact opposite of mine), and she has her very own unique and totally adorable personality.

Before I know it my 4 year old will be 14 but in the meantime I am trying to enjoy every moment possible. Even the every day, run of the mill, don't seem too extraordinary moments are treasured. Life is too precious not to treasure all of it.

This morning I woke up Dotty by softly singing the "Happy Birthday" song. She smiled...yawned really big...then said, "Let's get this birthday started!"

She cracks me up sometimes!

The rest of the morning I had a total "Birthday Diva" on my hands. Dotty referred to herself in the 3rd person the entire morning and she called herself "Birthday Girl".

Birthday Girl wants breakfast.
Birthday Girl is done with breakfast.
Birthday Girl wants Mommy to dress her.
Birthday Girl does not like that dress.
Birthday Girl is ready to go to school now.

Birthday Girl's Mom was ready for her to go to school too! Geez! Good luck Mrs. Grace!!!

At school, Dotty went up and down all the halls and into every room telling everyone it was her birthday! At 4 years old this is totally cute. If I tried it next month when I am...well not 4 years old...I have a feeling I would not get the same reaction from people.

We still have much more planned for today. Parties and people coming by to visit...presents, cake, and all kinds of fun stuff! I don't know if Dotty will be exhausted by I sure will!!!

This next year I wish 4 things for Dotty:
1. I wish she will continue to be a happy and healthy girl.
2. I wish that she will have lots of fun with lots of friends...old and new.
3. I wish she will have both successes and failures because both will make her stronger.
4. I wish that Dotty will keep her innocence and her excitement about the world for just a little bit longer. Children see the world so differently and I hope Dotty can keep that point of view for as long as possible.

Happy Birthday to Dotty!!! She is a true birthday diva and princess and all around special girl!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dotty's Soccer Team

Tony told me that Dotty does not know her soccer team's name. It is Tuff Stuff.

I asked him why he thought this and he said she has been saying it wrong all day to people. When he asked why she thought it was the name she was saying, she said because that is what they yell in the huddle when practice is over.

This is true...when practice is over, the coach gathers up six girls ranging in age from just barely 3 years old to almost 4 years old and has them all yell "Tuff Stuff" on the count of three.

One...Two...Three...TUFF STUFF!!!

Apparently Dotty thinks they have been yelling...Stuffed Crust!

We are in talks with Pizza Hut about the possibility of a sponsorship deal.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Dotty's teacher is a lot of fun and today her class was having "Crazy Hair Day"...not the whole school...just Dotty's class.

So this morning Dotty wanted to put her hair up in lots of pony tails and put lots of bows in her hair. She was super cute! And her hair did look a little crazy.

When we pulled up to school Dotty saw all the other kids walking in...without crazy hair. She leaned into to me and said with all manner of seriousness, "Are you SURE today is crazy hair day???"

I just laughed and explained to her that it was just her class and the other students didn't get to have a fun day like that. Of course as we walked into school I got a lot of strange looks from parents. While I considered justifying Dotty's Crazy Hair...I just smiled.

Dotty walked pretty slow into school and kept looking around for other "crazy haired kids". When she saw her class she saw plenty of them! In fact, her hair was pretty tame compared to others.

Needless to say I did not get a kiss goodbye...TGI(crazy hair)F!