Monday, April 30, 2012

Lessons from the Big Top

Sunday Dotty and I went to the circus that was visiting Wichita Falls. Let me state here in some areas of my life I am very tight and in other areas I am not. This line can also change based on my mood, the day, the weather, what I ate for breakfast, etc. Basically I try not to spend money unnecessarily but I like to enjoy life and I want Dotty to experience a lot of things and enjoy all I can offer her. However, I cannot offer her the entire Big Top! While we had fun at the circus I felt awful for having to tell Dotty "no" to almost everything she asked for...but she asked for EVERYTHING! For starters it cost me $24 to get us both in to sit on hard metal bleacher seats. Then she wanted toys, food (we ate right before we got there), snow cones, glow sticks, her face painted, to ride the name it...she wanted it! I didn't bring much cash with me so I told her I just had enough money for her to either get a toy or ride one animal. As you can see...she chose to ride the elephant. Eight bucks and ninety seconds later the ride was over and Dotty was wanting to do more! I felt like the worst mother ever...but at the same time I was trying to explain to Dotty that her "prize" was getting to GO to the circus...and she did get to ride the elephant. Well as you can imagine...that went over about as well as a 300 pound flying trapeze artist...not so good! We left the circus and Dotty's exact words to me were "I am never taking you to the Circus again Mommy!" Wow...I felt the love there! I don't know what to do with this girl. I know it is hard to explain to kids that they can't have everything they see and trying to explain money is hard to a 4 year old who thinks that there is no difference between a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill. At one point Dotty even told me "Go to that blue machine that Daddy goes gives you more money there." I didn't even attempt to explain ATMs to her. I worry that our trip to Disney World in September is not going to be much fun if I have to tell her "no" to everything. I worry about that a lot. How do you raise a child to be content with what she has...yet at the same time strive to achieve more in life? Where is the "Raising a Four Year Old for Dummies" book on this one?!?! I hope I am doing the right thing by Dotty. It isn't easy to teach those hard life lessons when your little one is tearing up. I swear the saying I heard a hundred times..."this hurts me more than it will ever hurt you" SOOOOO TRUE!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dotty Scored!

Today Dotty scored in her soccer game!!! It is not the first time she has scored a goal but it is the first time she has scored in the CORRECT goal!!!

Of course...I am not sure if this one should count either. When Dotty scored all the other girls on her team and the girls on the opposing team were either crying because they had gotten knocked down or they were crying to the coach about something else! Dotty was the only player left standing upright and without tears in her eyes. But even then I was worried she might miss...I was so proud she made it though.

Afterall...we always tell all players to "play until you hear the whistle" there are no "officials" in Dotty's league. Coaches are out on the field and double as officials. No one has a real whistle either...there is just a bunch of yelling from coaches, parents, fans, name it. It is sort of like chaos on caffiene overload at times!

So if you overlook all those factors...Dotty scored a goal. I say put it down in the books! Oh wait...we don't keep books either. In fact...we don't even keep score. Oh well...we will all know in our hearts that Dotty scored...and afterall if we are being honest then that is all that matters really!!!

Little kid soccer makes me laugh! It makes me makes me crazy at makes me shake my head in frustration...but most of all it makes me laugh!!!

Congrats to Dotty on her first "official" goal! You go girl!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Washing Mom's Car

Yesterday Dotty helped me wash my car. It was a cheap and easy way to kill two birds with one stone. #1 it got my dirty car washed. #2 it entertained Dotty for almost an hour...almost!

As Dotty and I soaped and scrubbed and rinsed and...yes...even sprayed each other a time or two...I couldn't help but realize how fast she has grown up. It seems like just yesterday I was laying out a blanket under the shade of a tree and all she could do was sit up and watch the world go by. Then she started crawling and life got more hectic.

My friend Jeri says it best...each stage of childhood is the "best one". Whatever stage Dotty is currently in seems like the "best". Of course I miss days when I got to just sit and rock her and give her a bottle. I miss the days when gurgles and smiles were the highlights of my day. I miss the first steps (and yes...I actually did miss her very first step!) and all the excitement that came with her reaching new milestones.

I would say I don't miss the up all nights...but some nights with Dotty are still "up all night" nights.

Right now though seems like just such a great time in Dotty's life. She is big enough to do a lot of things on her own...but she is still little enough to need her Mommy (her Daddy, Brittany, Memaw, Papa, Nana, Papaw...and many, many more too).

I can't explain it...but at this point in my life if time wanted to freeze for...oh say...10 years...I wouldn't mind being 32 and Dotty staying 4 for a decade or so!

Of course ten years from now I will probably being saying the same things I am now...oh then I will be 42 and Dotty will be 14...that might not be all it is cracked up to be...on the other just might!