Monday, February 18, 2013

Missing Your Kissing

A few weeks ago I had a fever blister on my bottom lip that should have been in the record books it was so big! It lasted (from onset to finish) a good 14 lie! At it's peak it hurt to eat, drink, brush my teeth, and sometimes even breath in and out of my mouth! I am hear to tell was a bad deal. Needless to say I could barely talk...I missed a lot of work...and I could not kiss my sweet baby girl!

Poor Dotty was not only grossed out by the whole thing but she was bummed out too. We do a lot of kissing in our house....
Kisses hello
Kisses goodbye
Kisses good night
Kisses good morning
Kisses because you did something great
Kisses because you didn't do something great but I love you anyways
Kisses for no reason at all
Kisses for every reason!

We love to share a smooch!

But going well over a week without being able to kiss my child made me realize two things...
#1 Never take my health (even my lip health) for granted
#2 Never take Dotty's kisses for granted

I know there are a lot of people out there that don't get to kiss their kiddos good night for one reason or another (tragedy, illness, etc.) and I know that I am one lucky Momma to have my sweet girl around to love and kiss on.

I also know that some day (in the not too distant future) Dotty will no longer want me to shower her with kisses. She will be too busy growing up...or heaven help me...being a teenager.

So I will cherish these moments...I will cherish every kiss!