Monday, May 28, 2012

A morning with Dotty...

This morning Dotty and I were playing with "window markers" (thanks to Memaw). We were sitting by the front door coloring on the glass door as the sunshine came through. I was telling Dotty the story of how Tony and I came up with her name (she likes that story). Dotty is named after Tony's grandmother Dorothy Nichols and my grandmother Wanda Marie Montz...hence Dotty Marie Nichols. Dotty stopped and said, "Your Grandma never got to see me did she Momma?" I said, "No...she didn't." (My Grandma passed away in 1995.) Then Dotty said, "I bet she would have liked me." I said, "She would have LOVED you." Then Dotty said, "But she knows me. She knows I am your little girl." Well the tears started to pool in the corners of my eyes. Then Dotty put her little hand under my chin and lifted my face to the sunlight. She said, "Look up into the sky...tell your Grandma you love her." It was so hard to say the words because I was so choked up with tears...but as tears streamed down my face I said, "I love you Grandma." Then Dotty smiled and said, "I bet she is smiling and so happy in Heaven." I have no doubt that Grandma is. I know my Grandma would have LOVED to have seen Dotty...Grandma loved little girls...mainly because her life was filled with so many boys...girls were a rare thing for her. She had all boys and all grandsons except for me. Grandma loved to dress me in frilly dresses and she loved to curl my hair up in sponge rollers and she loved to watch me twirl around when I was all dolled up and ready to go. Every time I see Dotty twirl around in a dress I feel a tug on my heart. Sometimes I think God uses the innocence of children to remind us of His love. This morning was such a sweet and touching moment between me and I will treasure forever.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Night at SLP 2012

Thursday night was "Mother's Night" at Dotty's school. Again I was a little sad that it would be her last Mom's Night at SLP but I was determined to enjoy every minute of it. The whole night went well. We had our pictures made. We painted. We had "music class". We made wind chimes. I am telling you...Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Connie packed the night full of things to do! Then the night ended with us going into the "snack room" for some cookies that the kids had made themselves. Our tables were set with drawings the kids had made for each mom. Dotty had drawn me and her and lots of flowers...because she knows how much I love flowers!! The children were also asked some questions in which the answers were written on the picture as well. Here are some of the questions and Dotty's answers to them. **Where does your mom work? Pecan Shed (although Dotty spelled it Shop) **What does your mom like to drink? Dr. Pepper (which is sort of true) **What is her favorite color? Yellow (yes...I like yellow and since Belle is my favorite princess Dotty has dubbed yellow as my favorite color) **What does your mom eat? Whip Cream and Carrots (I do not like carrots and I don't know the last time I had whip cream on anything) **If your mom was an animal which one would she be? Elephant (I am hoping that is because Dotty loves elephants) **What would you like to give your mom? A yellow zebra (most kids said...hugs and kisses...Dotty explained to me it would be harder to find a yellow zebra so that means I would like it more) **How does your mom show you she loves you? She washes my sheets so they are very clean (other kids wrote things like...she dances with me...she tells me she loves me...apparently I show love with Wisk and a washing machine) The last question was the best...and always is... **How old is your mom? Now let me say that when Dotty was 2 she said I was 2...last year she said I was 4...this year she said... 52.... Yep! I went from 4 to 52 in 12 months time! Everyone at the table laughed (mainly because all their kids had kept them under 20). I asked Dotty...How old do you think Daddy is? She said...52 I asked...How old do you think Memaw, Papa, Nana, and Papa are? She said...200 I asked...How old do you think Brittany is? She said...14 I stopped asking her any more questions! LOL!!! The good news is AARP should be sending me stuff in the mail any day now! All jokes aside...I had a fabulous time with Dotty! My baby has grown up so fast. We started SLP in February of 2010 when Dotty was just 2 years old. Back then she was still in diapers, she cried when I left, and at our first "Mother's Night" she wanted me to hold her the entire time. Now at 4 years old she is potty trained (thank goodness), barely tells me good bye when I drop her off at school, and at this last Mother's Night she was so busy socializing with her friends I was left to watch in amazement how much my little girl has grown and changed in just a short time. My oh my...2 1/2 years flew by! I am so proud of Dotty. She has grown into a great little girl. I can't wait to see what the future holds!