Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mother Knows Best...

"Dotty don't slide on those pillows across the kitchen floor. You are going to fall and bust your head open."
No busted head but a hard fall on the tushie.

"Dotty don't climb on your cardboard table. It isn't stable and it will fall over."
The table didn't fall but Dotty did...and almost through the window.

"Dotty don't walk on the foot rest of the recliner. It will not hold you and when your leg falls in it will close on it and that will hurt."
Mom in shower...Dotty screaming...Mom runs out of shower...Dotty's leg is caught in recliner...no breaks but a minor heart attack was reported.

"Dotty don't touch the end of the sparkler. It will burn you." - Tony said this one.
Burnt finger....check!

Why is it that kids just HAVE to try to do things even though we as parents tell them not to?!?!

Do they think we just don't want them to have fun?
Do they think we are being mean?
Do they think we are stupid?

I just worry some day I am going to be saying "Dotty don't drive too fast" or "Dotty don't text and drive" or "Dotty don't go to that party" or Dotty don't date that boy" or "Dotty don't jump off that cliff"

And she is not going to obey me and it will be too late.


I know as parents we have to give them wings but sometimes I think I have given birth to a dumb bird...God love her!!!

Dotty just seems to feel the need to see for herself...to try it out. Tony says she isn't listening to us but I think she hears us...she just doesn't want to obey us.

A part of me wants my child to have an adventurous heart...to try new things...to have no fear...to seek challenges and rise to the occasions.
But a part of me wants to put her in a pink, padded bubble!

I love my sweet girl with every fiber of my being...more than I ever thought I could possibly love anyone or anything. I think that is why I try to hold on so tight. I think that is why I fear the worst. I think that is why when I lay down beside her at night and she drifts off to sleep I cry a little bit every night...because as I watch her sleep I pray to God to never take her from me...I just don't know what I would do without her.

The truth is though I know that the tighter I hold onto her...the more she will push to get away. I have seen it with friends and even at times in my own life. I know that as a parent I have to let her go...let her live...let her soar...and even let her fall. I have to be there when it is good and when it is not so good. I have to give her a helping hand up when she needs it and I have to stand by and just watch during the times when she alone must pull herself up.

I think that is the hardest thing to do as a parent is to watch your children suffer in any way, shape, or form...but I know there are times when even as a parent all you can do is watch...and wait...and pray.

Some day I hope Dotty will be able to look back and say "You were right Mom." Heaven knows I said those words to my parents more than once!

I do think she is learning some good life lessons at a young age. I have no doubt the next 4th she will not be grabbing the ends of sparklers...she hasn't slid across the kitchen on pillows for many months now...and after Sunday night I highly doubt she will go anywhere near the recliner for a while. Some lessons we just have to learn the hard way I guess. Childhood is tough at times...and sometimes it is even tougher on the parent than it is the child!