Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pics Taken a While Back...

Christmas Tree Decorating 101

Dotty has a unique way of decorating our Christmas tree. She basically wants all the ornaments (big or small) to be grouped together in about a 6 inch by 6 inch area.

At first you might assume this area would be on the tree within her direct reach. Thus about 3 feet or so up the tree.

Oh no! You would be mistaken.

She wanted me to lift her up to the top of the 7 foot tree to put ALL the ornaments by the star.

After about a dozen ornaments...I was no longer her official "helper". Some ornaments did find their way to other parts of the tree but not many.

When she went to bed, I tried to move some of the ornaments but my kiddo is sharp! She noticed them the very moment she walked into the living room the next day. And of course...back to the top they went.

(This weekend I got one heck of an upper body workout. 35 pounds of wiggly little girl is better than any P90X routine.)

I pray our tree does not topple over some day! And so does Dotty.

The night we did it she said, "You don't like where I put the ornaments Mommy?"
I said, "It is fine. I just pray the tree doesn't fall over."

During our prayers that night Dotty asked for a real pink dog, rain for Papa's trees, and that the tree would not fall over. I think she has a better shot at the pink dog than that tree making it to Dec. 25th without a crash!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Want What You Can't Have

Isn't it funny how everyone wants what they can't have? And isn't it funny how when you have something you don't really want it until it is gone?

I think this is true from 2 year olds all the way up to 92 year olds.

Dotty complained every time we had to go to soccer practice. It was a beating to get her to participate at all half the time. She would also sometimes refuse to play during games. She just never really seemed to enjoy it a whole lot at times, but we would not let her quit the team.

Last night when I talked to her she asked me, "When can I go back to soccer practice?"
I said, "Soccer is over until the spring."

Whining and complaining followed.

I can assure you if she would have had soccer practice yesterday she would have complained that she didn't want to go! I am not sure this will get better with age. In fact, if my teenage years are any indication...it will only get worse!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Soccer Trophy

Dotty got her very first trophy today. She received a trophy for "participation" in soccer this year. Since Dotty played in a division where teams do not keep score (in fact the coaches are actually on the field with the girls and there are no referees...because the girls are so new to the game) there were no first place, second place, etc. trophies...just participation ones.

The team had a little party at Pizza Hut after their last game today and that is when their coach passed out the trophies. Of course all the girls were thrilled to get them!

We will have one more season in the spring in this division and then we will move up to the next level. At the next level the girls will play 4 on 4, no coaches will be allowed on the field, (nor parents...yes...I was one of those parents who went out on the field with my child so she would stop crying and actually participate...apparently much to the dismay of Tony), and they will actually keep score.

Now whether or not Dotty will play soccer in the future is anyone's guess. She spent most of the season doing dance moves on the soccer field and asked me after almost every game "when can I do dance again?"

So...for those of you friends and family that missed this season's soccer games there is hope for another season...but don't buy your sideline soccer gear just yet (and by sideline soccer gear I mean everything from winter coaches to sunscreen). As we were leaving the soccer party Dotty tried to give her trophy back to the coach...I think Dotty thought it was a commitment she was not willing to make. Either that or she was just needing a nap and being difficult. Either one is a good bet!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daddy's Back

Tony, Brittany, and Dylann moved into their new home in Iowa Park this weekend. They are now officially 15 minutes away from where Dotty and I live. Which is so nice since they had been over 2 hours away from us when they lived in Grapevine.

Dotty was so excited all weekend! She got a set of bunk beds for her room...the kind with the twin on top and the full on bottom...which is a good thing since Daddy, Dotty, and Dylann were apparently all piled in the bottom bunk this morning according to the text message I received.

Usually I get Dotty back from Tony on Sundays but yesterday she was so excited about her new bed and the new house she did not want to go home with me. The entire Nichols clan had been moving stuff all weekend and Sunday night was going to be the first night anyone stayed in the new house and Dotty did not want to miss out on such an important event.

I could not say no to my child wanting to be a part of something like that. While it pained me to have to leave her and be without her for another night...I knew that is what was best for Dotty.

Through all this, both Tony and I have tried to do what was best for Dotty. In many cases, what is best for Dotty is not easy for either of us and at times it can be down right heartbreaking for one or both of us.

I think too often divorced parents put themselves ahead of the children. The parents focus on their selfish needs and wants...rather on what the child needs and/or wants. Or they use their children as weapons against their ex-spouses. From the beginning Tony and I vowed never to be like that with Dotty.

Of course, Tony and I are still Dotty's parents and we are in charge of her so she will not always get to dictate where and when she stays...but last night was her choice. And she chose to stay with Daddy.

As I said my prayers last night, a few tears rolled down my face because I missed Dotty so much. The house just seemed so quiet last night. But as I prayed for my baby girl to be happy, healthy, and safe...I also thanked God that Dotty has a Daddy that loves her with all his heart. Lots of kids out there are not so lucky. Dotty has two parents that love her...so much. And she has many, MANY other people out there that love her too!

Dotty is a very blessed little girl!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dotty's Halloween Costume(s)!

Dotty got to wear her Halloween costumes (yep...plural) many times this year. However she only wore one costume more than once! This year Dotty chose to be several different characters for Halloween. Oh the fun!!!

At her school's Fall Festival she was Jasmine...remember the black hair?! I sure do!
At the school's "dress up day" she was Snow White...no black hair this time!!!
Trick or treating with Daddy in Byers she was Ariel...not sure what the hair was that day...need to ask Nana!
Trick or treating at Spanish Trace with Memaw she was Bat Girl...black cape took the place of black hair!
Pumpkin Caroling with her school at the Red Door Senior Citizen Center she was Super Girl...red cape this time.
And finally...trick or treating on Halloween Night with me she was Bat Girl again...she really liked having a cape!

So...if I can count right that makes 6 costume opportunities and 5 different costumes!!! I have a feeling when Dotty goes to prom or gets married she might have a hard time picking just one dress!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This past Saturday Dotty scored her first goal at a soccer game!

She actually scored TWO goals in that game!!!

We were so proud of our little soccer stud!!!

We didn't even care that both the goals she scored were in the wrong goal!

Dotty was jumping up and down and "high 5-ing" everyone...we just celebrated right along with her!