Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Swim Lesson

Dotty had her first swim lesson yesterday with Ms. Sylvia. Dotty was super excited and I was super HOT (note to self...heated indoor pools feel good when you are in the water in your bathing suit...they do not feel good when you are outside the pool in UGG boots and two layers of shirts!).

Ms. Sylvia had Dotty blow bubbles on the steps at first but soon Dotty was asking to go "swimming". So Ms. Sylvia grabbed a water noodle and off they went. I couldn't hear everything Ms. Sylvia was telling Dotty but the big smile on Dotty's face was all I needed to know that everything was going well.

After about 15 minutes, Ms. Sylvia brought Dotty back towards the steps and ditched the noodle for a belt that had floats attached to it. Ms. Sylvia even asked me if Dotty had already been to lessons before. She said Dotty was doing a great job and listening to instructions well. Me being a very humble mother, I of course responded with a big smile and some sort of statement that include the words "gifted, talented, and future Olympian" in it.

After the full 30 minutes and two (yes I said two) full laps in the lap pool I could see Dotty was getting tired and losing her ability to focus. As the session ended Ms. Sylvia asked Dotty to practice putting her face in the water. After five attempts Dotty gave up and wanted out (good thing they don't give out gold medals for that portion of swimming in the Olympics).

We both thanked Ms. Sylvia and headed to the locker room. As I was changing Dotty she said she had a lot of fun at her swim lessons but she didn't like putting her face in the water. As we walked to the car Dotty said again, "I had a lot of fun swimming. Good thing I don't have to go back."

Hmmmm...Let's hope swim lessons are like child forget the painful parts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talking to God

Lately Dotty has said some pretty funny and sweet things in regards to God. Here are a few.

One day we were playing at a park and it was a truly beautiful day. Dotty puckered up big and made a smacking sound. Then she said, "I kissed the Day, Mommy."
I said, "God made this perfect day you know?"
Dotty said, "I have a kiss for God too but I am saving it until I see Him."
Pretty cute, huh?!?


Another day Dotty really wanted to go to a park but it was getting late and it was cold and windy. She even tried to bargain with me and asked to go to the indoor park at McDonalds. I still said no.
When we got in bed that night and said our prayers Dotty said, "Thank you for flowers and princesses and my toys. And God please make sure that when Mommy picks me up from school tomorrow she takes me to the park at McDonalds."
Apparently Dotty skipped a few levels on the chain of command and went straight to the Big Guy Upstairs.

By the way...her prayer was answered.


Last night Dotty's prayer was fairly long and included not only a small version of the Little Mermaid story but it also included an original song by Dotty. I think I dozed off at some point.
When I heard the loud "AMEN!" I was slightly startled but told Dotty she said a very good prayer.
She said "Thank you Momma. I think God likes my prayers. You might want to work on yours."

Point taken.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marriage Minded

Sunday night without warning Dotty started tearing up. She pouted her lower lip out and said through a teary voice...

"Daddy said I can't get married."
I said, "Well who do you want to marry?"
Dotty, "Cooper Gee"

I stifled a laugh then said, "Perhaps when you are older you can get whoever you want."


Yesterday on the way home from Memaw's house Dotty asked me, "Are you married?"
I said, "No. But I was married to your Daddy at one time." (Dotty has seen our wedding pictures and has had a lot of questions about us being married lately.)
Dotty waited a minute then she said, "Well I am going to marry Daddy when I get to be your size."
I simply replied, "I think all little girls want to marry their daddies."


This morning when I dropped off Dotty to Mrs. Hall I warned her to watch for a flying bouquet!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flattery Is A Girl's Best Friend

Today when I took Dotty to school all the kids were playing in the Atrium. There are not many children at school this week due to Spring Break, so all the classes were combined and the kids were running around like crazy. Dotty has never been a big fan of the Atrium (I think because it is so loud in there) and today she was really dreading going inside.

We put her lunch up in her room and all her stuff in her cubby. Dotty had a death grip on my leg.

She asked, "Will you play with me in the atrium?"
I replied, " I only have a few minutes, but we can bounce the ball a few times."

We walked inside the madhouse...I mean Atrium...and Dotty was glued to the back of my legs. Several teachers told us hello and complimented Dotty on how nice she looked (the teachers do this everyday so that is really not a shocker).

Side Note...Dotty did look very cute today though...if I do say so myself. She had on a t-shirt dress that has a very full, very ruffly skirt attached to it. Dotty loves it and she has worn it before.

Back to the story...

As we walked further inside the Atrium, a little girl from Dotty's class came up to her and told Dotty she liked her dress (she had to do this looking between my legs because Dotty had her face hid in the back of my knees...very fun for me I must say). With that compliment, Dotty peaked around me and smiled at her friend.

Then a little boy came running up saying "Dotty, you look so pretty today!"

At that point I was a distant memory.

Dotty started twirling around and basking in all the adoration of her peers.

I blew her a kiss (that she never even saw) and headed for the door.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Brother...Big Voice

Jake and I have always approached life very differently. For those of you who think I have a short fuse and a loud have not seen anything until you have seen my brother. Growing up, I learned that Jake's bark was way worse than his bite...but I also steered clear of his to speak.

I try not to yell at Dotty for every little thing. I try to talk to her and give her choices. I do occasionally raise my voice, but I try to keep that at a minimum. Especially when it is just the two of us, all I have to do is give her a knowing look and she usually does as she is told.

Of course, when Memaw is around all bets are off.

Last night, Memaw brought Presley and Dotty over to Jake and Keri's house where I was planning on getting Dotty and taking her home. Memaw wanted to go for a walk, so she was leaving shortly after getting the girls squared away. Presley kissed Memaw goodbye...Dotty hung on to Memaw for dear life.

Just as I was calmly telling Dotty to let go of Memaw, Jake (who was standing only about 2 feet away from Dotty) told Dotty to let go of Memaw....NOW! He told her to do this in a rather loud and scary least it seemed that way to Dotty.

The look on Dotty's face was one of pure fear...and she went running and sobbing to me. Memaw left very quickly (she is not a fan of the girls crying...for any reason). Jake, of course, did not like to see Dotty cry, but he also didn't know what she was so upset about. That is the volume and tone he uses with everyone...Presley, Keri, Mom, Dad, me...everyone. Jake wasn't mad, he was just wanting Dotty to do what she was being asked.

I calmed Dotty down. She wanted to leave that minute. Jake tried to hug her but Dotty would have nothing to do with him.

After only about 30 seconds, Presley asked Dotty if she wanted to watch a movie and Dotty (wiping away tears and snot) nodded her head slowly. A half hour later I was having to make Dotty leave...she didn't want to. She was having too much fun with her uncle Jake and cousin Presley.

While I have no doubt Dotty remembers that Jake "yelled" at her, I also know that Dotty knows he wasn't trying to be mean to her...he was wanting her to do as she was being told. I am glad to say that the evening ended with hugs and kisses all around.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flower Cake

The other night Memaw and Dotty were playing in Dotty's kitchen. They were pretending to make a cake. Memaw had the bowl and she was telling Dotty what to get to add to the "cake mix".

First Memaw told Dotty she needed milk. So Dotty pretended to pour in some milk. Memaw started mixing.

Then Memaw said she needed some eggs. So Dotty pretended to crack some eggs and add them in. Memaw kept mixing.

Then Memaw said she needed some flour. Dotty ran out of the toy room. Memaw had no idea what was up.

About 10 seconds later Dotty came back holding a handful of henbit (the purple "flower" weeds that are growing everywhere...Dotty picks several everyday before she goes into the house). Dotty then threw the henbit in Memaw's bowl.

When Memaw looked at Dotty and asked her why she added them to the bowl Dotty responded by saying "You told me you needed flowers Memaw."

Memaw started mixing again...trying hard not to laugh.

So my child may never make it as baker but I can assure you she comes from a long line of master gardeners and so far it looks like she definitely has a green thumb!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Compliments From A 3 Year Old

At night Dotty gets really chatty when she is trying to fight off sleep. She talks about a lot of random things.

Sea lions, Mulan, flowers, Mrs. Hall, Cooper Gee, Nana's car, Daddy's nose, Memaw's apartment, and so forth and so on...

There is really no rhyme or reason to any of it. She just rambles. Sometimes I have a hard time not laughing...sometimes I have a hard time not demanding she stop talking and go to sleep...usually I just listen quietly.

Last night we were face to face on her pillow. Dotty's eyes had already closed several times for several seconds. I was just about to close my own eyes when I felt Dotty's little hand on my face.

Dotty said, "Mommy, you are so beautiful."
Me "Thank are you."
Dotty "And Mommy you are so kind and so much fun and you have pretty eyes..."
Me "Ohhh..thank you sweetheart. You make me feel so good. I love you."
Dotty "I love you too Mommy. And you know what else?"
Me "What?"
Dotty "You have stinky breath."
Then Dotty's eyes shut and she was sound asleep.

Now being the great mother that I am...I kissed my sweet baby girl on the cheek...and went to brush my teeth...again.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dotty's Favorite People

This morning I told Dotty that Nana would be picking her up from school. Then she would be staying the night with Nana and Papaw. The next day Nana would be taking Dotty to play with Kathy and Gary.

Dotty was so excited! She jumped up on the bed and said, "Yea! Those are my favorite people!"

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Gift for Memaw...

Dotty likes to give people "parting gifts" when they leave our house. Sometimes it is one of her toys, sometimes a book, maybe a necklace (hopefully one of hers and not one of mine), every so often it is food or a drink. Many times people just smile and then slip the items back to me without Dotty noticing. Once or twice a kid has been the recipient of a "gift" and those are usually gone I have to keep a close eye on Dotty as she walks around pondering what would be a nice gift to give in that situation.

Last night Memaw was getting ready to leave and Dotty handed her a wedding picture of Jake and Keri to give to Jake, a picture of Presley when she was about 3 years old to give to Presley, and then she found a picture of my mom and dad taken on a cruise they went on...she gave that to Memaw.

Needless to say my mom was less than thrilled...but she faked it well. She thanked Dotty for such a nice gift and then later on casually put all three pictures back in their original spots.

I thought the whole thing was quite funny but a part of me was very proud of my parents. Even though they are no longer married we do birthday parties and holidays together...Dad, Mom, Jake, Keri, Presley, Dotty, and me...everyone in one place at one time. So far, while Presley and Dotty know that Memaw and Papa don't live in the same house, they don't really understand why yet. And to them Memaw and Papa love each other just like we all love each a family.

I know divorces can be ugly. Feelings can get hurt. People can leave the courthouse and never go within 100 yards of each other ever again. My parents are not like that. Tony and I are not like that. The reason we all get along and behave well...especially in front of Dotty and Presley is for two reasons I believe.

#1 We do it for the girls. We don't want them to see fighting and tension. That will only hurt the girls.

#2 We do it for ourselves. We don't want to be fighting all the time. We don't want to have tension in our lives. We don't want to hurt each other.

The best gift we can give the girls (and in turn ourselves) is a loving family. We may not be traditional but we are, in fact, family.

Hugs Unlimited...

Dotty will on occasion tell me she is all out of kisses...or that she only has a few left and she is saving them for...fill in the blank...usually Daddy or Memaw.

Yesterday we met Julie in Henrietta because we had picked up Payton from Tony. Julie went to kiss Dotty goodbye and Dotty told her she could have only one because she was out of kisses. Payton thus was out of luck.

However, Dotty told Payton she had a hug to give him. She then informed all of us that, while she at times does run out of kisses, she never runs out of hugs.

Good to know.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working for the Water Bottle

Last night Dotty and I went to visit Presley's soccer practice. I try to keep Dotty busy on Thursdays because at that point in the week she is really missing Tony and so I try to find activities to make the time pass by faster.

We got to practice and about 10 little 5/6 year old girls were running around...some were playing soccer...some were just playing. After a few minutes they got to have a water break.

Presley came over to drink out of her bright pink water bottle. Dotty, of course, then wanted a water bottle too. I had a sprite in the car but no water bottle. Bad Mom I know.

I told Dotty that the water bottles were only for the girls who were playing soccer. My child is like most kids...she looks for loopholes.

After a few minutes of pacing back and forth beside the water bottle, Dotty headed over and snagged a soccer ball from the ones to the side of the field. She asked if I would kick the ball with her.

After about 3 kicks...Dotty wiped her forehead, let out a loud sigh, and then proclaimed..."I need a drink from Presley's water bottle."

Jake caved and let her have one.

We went back to kicking the ball. Two kicks this time and then the declaration of needing a drink. She just went and got the bottle without waiting on the okay from anyone. Kicking again...this time we made it to about 5 kicks and she started to head to the bottle. I called a Time Out on that one.

I told Dotty that Presley was really running hard (well she really wasn't...she was one of the girls that was doing more "playing" that actual soccer...but she was out there) and we needed to save some for Presley.

That went over well. We ended up leaving soon after. Next practice, game, or any outside activity we attend I will make sure to have a water bottle...hopefully the exact same one as Presley!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


There are moments in Dotty's life that take me back to my childhood. I love them and they make me sad all at the same time. More than anything though I am glad I have those memories and I am glad Dotty (in some ways at least) takes after me.

Last night Dotty put on her "Tangled" nightgown that is very long and flowy. I was already laying on her bed getting ready to call it a night and Dotty stood in the floor beside the bed and started to turn...then she did it again...and again...and again.

She was twirling.

All at once I went back in time to my Grandma's living room. I was in a new dress (made by Tony's grandma Mary McGhee) that was a pink and white gingham dress with a white pinafore...and I was twirling.

That was the only way I knew whether or not I liked the all depended on how well it twirled. To this day I still from time to time put on a dress and twirl around in it. My prom dress my senior year was a good "twirling" dress...and I loved it for mainly that 18 years old I still loved to twirl. I don't wear many dresses anymore but if I do have a flowy one one for some occasion you can bet money on it...I still twirl around for a few turns in my bedroom.

Dotty gets her love of twirling from me (thank goodness she doesn't get it from Tony...we might have issues then). Last night, even though it was past her bed time, I let Dotty twirl until she got dizzy. I sat there smiling and only a few tears came to my eyes.

I am sure her Great-Grandma Montz was smiling too...another generation will continue to love a dress simply for how well it "twirls".

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Snoring Allowed...

Last night I got home late from a meeting. Memaw was babysitting and, of course, Dotty was still awake. After Memaw left, it took a while to get Dotty to wind down for bed. When she finally got all snuggled up next to me, she and I were almost nose to nose on the pillow.

I was laying there looking at my sweet, beautiful baby girl who looked so angelic in the glow of the night light with her eyes shut and her breath softly hitting my face (good thing she remembered to brush her teeth).

As I was just about to close my eyes and go to sleep, Dotty's eyes opened just a bit and she whispered to me in a soft but serious voice "And don't snore Momma."

I burst out laughing.

It took another 10 minutes to get her to calm down again. Finally, at close to 10pm, (way past both our bedtimes) she was sound asleep...and she was the one snoring...just for the record.