Monday, January 31, 2011


Dotty with Cinderella and the Prince.

Tony and I took Dotty to see a play of "Cinderella" on Saturday afternoon. She LOVED it!

Before the play even started, Dotty kept "shooshing" me and Tony every time we tried to talk. She was so excited!

Then, during the play, every time the lights went out for a set change Dotty would ask "Is it over?" That only happened about 20 times, but it was so cute.

After the show, Dotty was able to have her picture made with several of the cast members. It was a great time had by all of us.

In fact, Dotty woke up this morning wanting to go to the show again today!

Dotty with the Fairy Godmother

Dotty with one of the Mice...check out the look on Dotty's face!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dotty is a daredevil. If you are not careful she will be jumping off steps, furniture, or any other type of raised surface. You may need to catch and you may not but either way that girl is jumping.

Yesterday we went to see my Dad and we rode around on many different types of motorized equipment. The first was a large John Deere tractor. Dotty wanted it to go faster. The next was a Polaris ATV. Dotty wanted it to go faster. Dad also used the Polaris to "jump" ditches in the orchard (now this was not a big jump to me but for Dotty is was huge) and Dotty wanted him to keep jumping and to go faster.

I swear my child is going to be on the back of a motorcycle before she turns 18. She might even have her OWN motorcycle by then!

I just pray her Uncle Jarrod does not get her into his kind of bike racing. I don't see how Ruth Ann sleeps at night after seeing what he does and hearing about his wrecks. It must be a genetic thing. Jarrod has no fear either and Dotty is certainly leaning the same way.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Back on Jupiter

If you follow this blog you might recall that Dotty went through a phase where everything was "Jupiter".

Me: How was your day?
Dotty: Jupiter.
Me: What do you want for dinner?
Dotty: Jupiter.
Me: Tickling Dotty...
Dotty: (laughing) You're so Jupiter Momma!

I had no idea what was up with Jupiter. However, just like it came (suddenly and mysteriously) it went away the same (one day she just stopped saying it).

Last night Dotty was VERY tired. When she finally calmed down to go to sleep we were both laying very fact I thought she may have already dozed off. She in fact had not gone to sleep and all of a sudden she sat up in bed and this was our conversation...

Dotty: What planet is this house on?
Me: Earth
Dotty: What planet is Presley's house on?
Me: Earth
Dotty: What planet is Memaw's apartment on?
Me: Earth
Long pause.....
Dotty: I think Jake's house is on Jupiter?
Then she giggled and fell back onto her pillow. She was asleep in less than two minutes.

That girl is so....Jupiter!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Eighth Dwarf - "Grouchy"

The Eighth Dwarf, "Grouchy", is a cousin to "Grumpy" and is female. Since the other seven Dwarfs are all males, Grouchy chose to live outside the cottage. Currently she has taken up residence in my home.

At first I could have sworn she looked a lot like my sweet baby girl Dotty, but after last night and this morning I am sure it is in fact Grouchy who now lives with me.

Nothing I (not even Memaw) said or did has been right in the past 24 hours. Let me tell you...she has been a joy to be around. I dropped her off today and wished Mrs. Hall all the best.

Thursdays are always hard for Dotty. I think she gets tired of going to school and she starts to miss her daddy (although this week she saw him on Tuesday so I am not sure I can use that as an excuse).

The only way I could get her dressed and headed to school was to tell her that in order to go to Dance class and to get to play with Presley later today she had to go to school. If she chose to stay home (and thus I had to stay home) then she would not get to go to Dance and she would not get to see Presley and Memaw later tonight.

Boy am I glad that did not backfire. I have no idea what I would have done if she would have called my bluff...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pajama Day...Again

Today was "Pajama Day" in Mrs. Hall's class...again. Actually, today is the official pajama day and thus many more children were in their pajamas.

Dotty wore some bright pink ones with crowns and hearts all over it...and of course some princesses...gotta have those.

I think it is a good thing today is pajama day. Dotty seemed pretty worn out from all the activities at Father's Night, but she had a blast and told me all about it on the way to school.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Father's Night

Tonight is "Father's Night" at Dotty's school and she is super excited about her Daddy coming in for it. I have never been to a "Father's Night" but based on what Dotty tells me (granted I know she does not always get the facts straight) they have a song prepared, several art projects, and lots of fun ready for tonight.

I am sure both Dotty and Tony will have a blast. I myself plan to go to bed early :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Are You and What Have You Done with Dotty?

This morning on the way to school Dotty looked at me (via the rear view mirror) and announced....

"I love to wash my hair and I love school."

I slammed on my brakes and turned to what must be the alien who took over my child's body and asked...

"Who are you and what have you done with Dotty?!?"

(Side Note...I did not slam on the brakes but I did have to try and not laugh out loud. I also did ask her what she had done with my child. She just looked confused.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Much to Say... just a matter of days I have wanted to post about a million things about Dotty. Too bad I cannot make time stand still so I can write it all down and not miss out on the next great thing she is up...or sleep!

Dotty and Nana's Pajama Day...
Dotty stayed with Nana Monday for MLK Day. Luckily for me Nana said "Just bring her out in her pajamas."
So I did.
Thus became...Pajama Day...for Nana and Dotty. Dotty has talked nonstop about how much fun she had on Pajama Day with Nana. Even NANA wore HER pajamas ALL DAY!
Dotty was a little miffed that she had to brush her teeth and hair but overall Nana's Pajama Day was a big success.
And I have to give kudos to Ruth Ann for getting Dotty down for a nap. Not many of us "nonprofessionals" can achieve such a feat!

Dotty Reads to Memaw...
The other night I walked in to Dotty's room fulling expecting to see what I see a lot of nights...Memaw reading to Dotty. But that night I saw...and heard...Dotty reading to Memaw.
Dotty was reading "Possum Come a Knocking". This book is really weird to me but Dotty loves it...and apparently she has almost memorized it.
It was so cute to see how close Dotty got to actually saying the story exactly right and the expressions she used. She sounded just like Memaw!
We either have an actress or a teacher on our hands...either way I am signing her up to read at Story Time at the local soon as she can actually read.

SURPRISE...It is Your Birthday...
The last few days Dotty has been throwing me a "surprise birthday party" almost every night. She decorates with a balloon and "streamers" (old shoe strings). She "makes me a cake" (plastic food from her toy kitchen) and I get a present (she will be a pro "re-gifter" someday).
She is such a sweet girl!

Thank You Desiree...
Sometimes I think my friends are really my worst enemies. :)
Desiree is always so sweet to share some of the things Emma has outgrown...clothes, toys, you name it!
Tuesday Desiree brought Dotty a toy "Wiggles" guitar. Thankfully the batteries were run down.
Unfortunately, Memaw put in new batteries.
Dotty LOVES that thing. She plays it over and over AND OVER AGAIN! Her favorite song is the one Wags the Dog sings. When I asked her why she said "Because you move your hips!"
The sound goes "Move your hips with Wags the Dog. Join right in and sing along. Come on now you're dancing with Wags the Dog."
I am slightly worried that my 3 year old likes to "mover her hips". We will keep an eye on that!

Monday, January 17, 2011

God Made...

Last night Dotty was to the point of complete exhaustion. She was going on pure adrenaline. Bouncing off walls one minute then her body would go to jello the second it came time to put pajamas on. She was being silly, saying silly things, etc.

As we lay down in bed I was trying to get her to be still. She was a total wiggle worm. Needed something to eat. Needed something to drink. Needed to go to the bathroom. Finally she got still and I was telling her "Ariel". I thought she had drifted off to sleep so I stopped talking and was kind of just patting her.

Then her head popped up off the pillow and she said...

"God made you, me, Memaw, Daddy, Nana, Jake, Keri, Presley, Julie, and grass."

Then she was out.

I, on the other hand, had to try and not laugh out loud for the next five minutes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home with Memaw

Dotty had a rough night last night. With her nose so stopped up she had trouble breathing. Then she was awake at 5:30am. So based on the dark circles under her eyes and the faucet she had where her nose used to be, Memaw thought it might be best for Dotty to stay with her today and rest.

I agreed. Although knowing what my mom's apartment looks like (a mini version of Toys R Us) I was not sure how much "rest" Dotty would get.

On the way over to Memaw's Dotty asked if she could go to dance "this day". I told her if she took her medicine, took a nap, and felt like going we would try to go to dance.

I just checked in with Mom a few minutes ago and could hardly talk to her for all the yelling and playing Dotty was doing. So much for resting.

I plan to go get Dotty about 1pm to make sure a nap takes place today...we both need one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snotty Dotty...

Dotty was up a lot last night. She has a cold and her nose was running and she was sneezing most of the night. I gave her some Benedryl this morning but only half a dose since she was going to school. I did not want her to be crashed out all through class.

When I dropped her off she just had the saddest face. Red cheeks from wiping her nose (with her shirt sleeve most of the time), a pale face, dark circles under her eyes, and snot running from both nostrils.

The teachers at her school are gems though. I told all of them about Dot's condition and they all assured me they would be extra loving and would keep me posted if she got worse or if they thought she needed to go home.

It does a mother's heart good to see her child being snuggled by someone who cares about them. Especially on days when your little one is just not up to snuff.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pajama Day

Last week Mrs. Hall, Dotty's teacher, told me that since the weather was going to be so bad this week that plans had changed. Originally the children were going to have a "hibernation" day where they went outside and learned how animals hibernated. The kids were supposed to dress warm and cozy for this process. However since the temp was not going to get above freezing Mrs. Hall told me that the kids could have a "pajama" day instead.

Apparently Mrs. Hall told no other parents but me.

Dotty picked out a pretty princess nightgown to go to school in (I had to layer a long sleeved shirt and pants under it but she was fine with that). When we got to school, both Dotty and I got weird looks.

Dotty got the "you poor child your mother does not even dress you for school" look.
I got the "you terrible mother...can't you even dress your kid for school" look.

I went to find Mrs. Hall.

To my surprise Mrs. Hall was in her pajamas. So I just shrugged my shoulders...kissed Dotty goodbye...and left a happy girl at school. She was showing everyone her pajamas. I think she enjoyed the attention...however it was intended.

(Side Note...Dotty asked if I got to go to work in my pajamas. When I told her I did not get to she thought we should have a pajama day at the 'Con Shed...I might have to agree.)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Never Looked Back

Today when I went to drop off Dotty at school she was so happy to see Ms. Natalie was reading a book. She ran in the door and I had to yell goodbye to her. She never heard me I don't think.

Part of me was relieved she went so easy. Part of me was sad.

It is hard to let go of our babies. They need room to grow and we want them to grow but growth is painful. Sometimes more painful for us as parents than for the child.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Payton's Pal

Dotty is absolutely crazy about her cousin Payton. And Payton is a true sweetheart and is super good with Dotty. He is patient and kind. He lets Dotty have her way...all the time. He is just a very good cousin.

Today Payton had a basketball tournament and even though his team did not win a game...he continues to win my heart. At 13, Payton could find Dotty a little on the annoying side I am sure. But he always takes time to play with her and listens and talks to her and as a mom that just melts my heart.

We were at the top of the stands when I pointed out to Dotty that Payton had just gone back in the game. Dotty yelled "GO PATE!" Then she looked up at me and said "I love Pate." Said simply and matter-of-factly.

Then she turned around and started playing with a wrapper on the ground but in that moment I saw how much she did LOVE her Pate. To her he hung the moon. He was her cousin and he was great.

Children are so open and honest at this age. For this reason I know Dotty's love for Pate is loyal and lasting. Just like his for her.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dotty Does Not Want Anything....

At times my child does not want to all. Yesterday morning she did not want to get out of the car to go into school. She was watching her movie and she informed me it was not over. Since we have seen in about 100 times, I could have informed her I already knew that bit of information. However, I just told her she had until a certain point came on, and then the movie was going to be paused so she could go to school.

The certain point in the movie came on. I paused the movie. Dotty was not happy to say the least.

After a few minutes of being told I was basically the worst momma in the world, Dotty got out of the car and stomped (literally) into school. Needless to say, we were once again late.

On the way up the stairs Dotty and I had an interesting talk.
Me..."Remember you have Dance after school today" said in a cheery tone.
Dotty..."I don't want to go to Dance this day" said in a not so cheery tone.
Me...pause for inspiration..."Well then how about we go to Toys R Us after school and you can pick out a new toy."
Dotty..."I don't want any toys."
Me..."How about a million dollars."
Dotty..."I don't want any dollars."

I could see where this was going. So, I shoved Dotty in her classroom. I gave the teacher the all knowing "good luck with this one" look. Then I headed to work.

At 4:15pm "this day" Dotty gladly went to Dance class and I was glad she did not remember my not so sincere comments about Toys R Us or the "dollars".

(Side Note: Dotty has a thing with saying "this day" when she is referring to today. I think in her mind "this day" has more emphasis...but I am not totally sure about that or a lot of things my child says.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom's Okay...but Memawa is Better

I know I have mentioned this before, but lots of times I feel like I don't get to have any "fun" time with Dotty. I feel like I am getting her ready for school, for a bath, for bed. I often feel I am not a "fun mom".

So yesterday I took off from work early to spend some time with Dotty. When I got to her school to pick her up she was happy to see me...for about 5 seconds. Then she asked if we could go see Memaw at "The 'Con Shed" (as Dotty pronounces Pecan Shed).

I told her we could go see Memaw or we could go to a park. By only the slightest of margins the park won. After an hour there though Dotty was getting cold and was ready to go home. I needed to run into the grocery store and Dotty had a great idea...

"Let's go to the Con Shed and get Memaw. Then she can sit in the car with me while you run into the store."

She was so happy about the idea, I of course asked Mom to come go with us. And of course she did.

We took Memaw back to the Con Shed and headed home. Dotty played with me for all of 10 minutes before she asked me to call Memaw. I did and Dotty got on the phone...

"Memaw will you come to my house and play with me?"

We all know the answer to that one.

When Dotty heard the answer was yes...Mommy was now obsolete. I was even banned from the Doll Room until Memaw got there.

I am so glad Dotty loves her Memaw, and as I watch my mom playing with Dotty I can totally see why Dotty is just crazy about her. I had grandmothers that I would rather be with too so I know how lucky Dotty is.

(Side Note: Dotty is crazy about ALL her grandparents. Presley's Papa (my dad), Nana and Papaw (Tony's parents) are all awesome grandparents. I am just not around them as much as I am Memaw so I don't have as many cute stories about them. But make no mistake...Dotty is loved by many...and she loves them all back very much!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Flower Power...

I am not a fan of punishing Dotty (contrary to what my mom thinks...I don't enjoy being the bad guy). However I do believe that when I tell Dotty there will be consequences for her actions I plan to follow through with them so that she knows I do not make threats. I make promises.

Last night Dotty was beyond tired. So she was not in the mood to cooperate...or go to sleep. At 10:30pm I told her it was time for bed. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Lights out. Get still and go to sleep.

She played and played. She has a flower night light on her wall and usually when I tell her if she keeps playing I am going to turn it off she gets still. Last night after the 3rd and final "get still and go to sleep or the flower is going off" I got up from the bed and killed the flower.

Let the wailing, begging, pleading, screaming, kicking, crying, demanding, bargaining, and hating momma begin.

I am glad my next door neighbors are 80 year old nuns. Dotty was so loud I am sure you could hear her outside the walls.

I stood firm though. I informed Dotty that I had told her 3 times to get still, stop playing, and go to bed and each time she did not. I told her I warned her the flower was going to go off. I also told her that if she was good tomorrow she could have her flower on again. I even told her that when she did go to sleep I would turn the flower back on tonight.

Needless to say Dotty cried herself to sleep and I felt terrible. It was a good 15 minute standoff between me and my 3 year old. I may have won the fight but I knew I would still have more of a battle to come and I wanted to get ahead of the game early on.

This morning I got rewarded for my firm stance. Dotty was not wanting to get dressed for school so I told her if she did not get dressed I was going to turn off her t.v. She looked up at the flower, then at me, then she got dressed.

I guess you could say I have a little bit of "flower power" now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waking up to a Surprise!

This morning Dotty woke up to a wonderful surprise...


My friend Jeri and I have started working out in the mornings again. We go to the gym at 6am so my mom comes over to sit with Dotty while I am gone. Usually Dotty never wakes up before I get back and get showered and Mom heads home, but today Dotty woke up at 6am.

She was so happy to call out for Momma and get Memaw instead. When I got home from the gym and saw all the lights were on in the house I knew something was up...or rather someone was.

When I walked into Dotty's room to find her and Memaw watching cartoons Dotty said to me...

"Guess what Mommy? Memaw came to play with me!"

And play Memaw did.

She played with Dotty until we had to get ready and leave for school.

What a great way to start the day...with your Memaw.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Option Please...

Today Dotty did not want to go to school.

She wanted to stay home with me.
Not an option.

She wanted to go to Memaw's apartment.
Not an option.

She wanted to go see Kathy and Gary.
Not an option.

Her only choice was to go to school.
Her response to me was...not an option.
(She may not have said that exactly but as she rolled around on the floor whining and kicking her legs that was the interpretation I got from it.)

Over an hour later we were in the car headed to school. Both of us frowning.

I don't know if any of you had children going back to school today. If so, I hope you had better luck than I did.